Please review annexed excel sheet "Purchasing criteria.xlsx" for detailed table.
The main reasoning behind the investment parameters is the high stability or non-volatility of price and demand of the type of diamonds we select to back our DGems Coins.
A polished diamond has two parts to it, firstly what nature gave to it and secondly what man made with it:
Gives the diamond its size color and clarity, the "inherent" qualities of diamonds
Gives it its shape and quality of "manufacturing", or its Cut Polish and Symmetry
As far as qualities of the diamonds are concerned, both inherent and manufacturing we have chosen what is called Gem qualities and Commercial qualities and mix of these two respectively in order to create a very balanced pool or portfolio that will withstand market volatility and will always be in demand.
We are consciously staying away from the top-quality D IF and from generally speaking lower qualities of diamonds as they have shown to be the most vulnerable to market and consumer-related volatility.
Most demand in the world centers around high quality and commercially attractive diamonds as they make the most sense for the end customer or the "last link" in the industry's value chain. This upper and mid-segment is the most in demand and will always keep on being so. No matter which major market you look at around the world (USA, China, India etc.), our investment parameters cover the most in-demand qualities in terms of Color, Clarity and Manufacturing and mix of the aforementioned; without dabbling into very subjective qualities such as SI1 clarity which may be attractive and in demand but represent a danger when it comes to selection process and defensibility of so-called investment/asset backing for the DGems coin.
Our % split of sizes and qualities all follow the same logic of highest demand and lowest volatility and well as a division of capital within the complete diamond pool/portfolio in order to have attractive diamonds as an "investment" while at the same time being low and high enough value carrying single items for potential redeemers to be interested in doing so. Hence starting from 0.8ct and going all the way up to 5ct.
Generally speaking, we keep the parameters as wide as possible within the necessary project logic so that we are able to scale up in volume in the future should we be as successful as we plan.
Selection Parameters for the diamonds, as determined in the Investment Declaration, are given to the suppliers. The suppliers will be proposing an initial selection of their stock based on the parameters in the form of a list.
The DGems diamond specialist team will make the most pertinent pre-selection based on the suppliers lists to keep a balanced portfolio/pool of diamonds as described in the investment declaration
The team of DGems diamond specialist will go to the suppliers office to independently inspect the selected diamonds. Inspection is based on the physical attributes of the diamonds and its GIA attributes. Checks will be made on color, clarity, weight and size of the diamond and the comparison of all that with the GIA certificate.
Some (most of them do) diamonds will already have a GIA certificate number inscription already and those will be compared too.
A secure logistics service provider (Malca Amit, Ferrari, Brinks) will pickup the selected diamonds from the supplier. When DGems team mades its final selecton, the diamonds are sealed in a box and the logistics company is called. The logistics company then comes to pick up the boxes of diamonds and again seals them into specialized plastic bags for transport with tracking numbers on them. The goods are then securely transported to the GIA office in Antwerp.
Once delivered at the GIA laboratory in Antwerp, all the diamonds are unsealed from the bags and seal numbers are verified. Once unpacked, every diamond will be reverified again by GIA with the same criteria as before for conformity.
The diamonds without a GIA laser inscription will then get one. Once all diamonds have a laser inscription, they will all independently be sealed safely and securely so physical access to the actual diamond is not possible any more and therefore no tampering can be done. Look in annex for pic. 1 for the GIA diamond seal.
Same procedure as 4, just from GIA to custodian.
Once delivered at custodian, same security unsealing steps of comparing seal numbers are done. Once diamonds are unsealed, the custodian will do the last conformity check to make sure the diamonds, in individual seals and their respective certificates are a match before moving them into the vault for storage.
Once the diamonds have all been checked, the custodian then registers them into its CRM/IT system, they all are given a numerical or bar code and stored into a secure vault in Antwerp.
Check #1
Check #2
Check #3
GIA reports / certificates all carry an number. Most diamonds are also laser inscribed with this number on the girdle/belt of the diamond. Look in Annex for picture 1.
All Diamond have very precisemeasurements in millimeters. Every diamond will be independently measured andcompared to the size indicated on the report.
Weight of diamond is measured as Carats.Each and every diamond will independently weight to match the carat weightindicated on the certificate.
Diamond Colors are graded from D tomaximum I color in our section. Each diamond will independently be colorchecked and compared with the color indication on the certificate.
Diamond Clarity is graded from VVS1 to VS2 in our selection. Every diamond will independently be verified on its clarity. Comparing the grade, the location of the impurity within the diamond as indicated on the diagram and the type of the impurities based on the indications of the symbol keys
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